New Stars and New Rabbit

I don't quite understand how the constellation works for now, but it seems like Stars and Rabbit is having, what The Pattern told me, a radical change.

Months ago, the guitarist Adi Widodo left the band, focusing his career. This was such a big move since the duo was the face of the band to show. From this composition at least they released one EP Live at Deus (Bali) and album Constellation. The tracks at those two releases brought their success nationwide and internationally as well. Man Upon the Hill was a big hit, besides the other tracks to mention The House or Like it Here. Stars and Rabbit successfully show their face through their music and performance.

The success can't be a burden, but an opener to the next stage. And it seems that it may not be an easy way. Stars and Rabbit gained "too much" features with that kind of form; music, show, and their taste of aesthetics. Such a miracle to be that popular with such a modal, the Rabbit successfully made the hole on the internet, I guess. But what can we say? They're popular as the way they are.

After the guitarist's left, we wonder how would it look? Stars and Rabbit is too worth to be thrown to the bin. Early in this year, Stars and Rabbit made an album Pieces That Fit with Bottlesmoker. We can still feel the remnants of the modal from this band added with some new colours in the electronic fills, the rhyme and the atmosphere. Partikle from the album at least describe it clearly.

With the new composition, Elda Suryani and the guitarist, Didit Saad seems going to start a new journey. Little Mischievous started their new album Rainbow Aisle that will be released soon. The music is totally different. Some argued that it feels like eVo, knowing that both of them were in the same band back then. The music provided by the new Starts and Rabbit is way more upbeat, cherish, and funny rebel. If you feel the psychedelic auras, bright colours, strange sounds from the previous Constellation, maybe it wouldn't be there now. However, this is the new look of Stars and Rabbit and the decision they already made. They show that they're going to be mischievous by now. Let's see!


January 25, 2020