No Wrong No Ideal in Family Even with Wounds

In Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini (NKCTHI), we see all of the family members undergo their respective routines. Awan (Rachel Amanda) struggling with her internship in an architecture firm, Aurora (Sheila Dara) is still working in her art studio, preparing her exhibition, and wondering her plan to continue her study, while Angkasa (Rio Dewanto) still stuck in his event organizer and can't deal with the future of his relationship. All of the routines continuously done until there is a point of consideration.

Awan got the axe after her boss can't tolerate the fact that she can't work in a team. Later, she got called back to the frim to work one project. At this moment, she realized that there's intercession from his father to get her back to the project. She realized that she has no choice all her life, all is based on the hand of family members. On the other hand, Angkasa, in his 27, still lives with the family and can't make sure his girlfriend of their future. Angkasa, the first son, was given the responsibility to look after his daughters, especially Awan. Picking up Awan is one of the most seen in the show; it's because of the old trauma of the family. While Aurora felt less attention as the middle child.

The problem appears after Awan's rebel and it's taking her father Narendra (Donny Damara) concern. He blamed Angkasa for the association. Moreover, one moment's taking back to the old trauma, street accident. But Awan can't be tamed anymore, and Angkasa thought the same, the children have grown up. In Aurora's art exhibition, a fight broke out among the family member. Narendra felt that the event must be fully appreciative for Aurora that all of the family members come together, but no. He has curbed again, even if it seems like a good intention.

After the show, Narendra gathered all of the family members. At the moments all of the wounds in this family were opened.

In the film, we clearly see how authoritarian acts from the father and how the family roles feel so patriarchal. The father maintained stability so that the family can live happily, no wounds, no need to open the dark history in the family. All of the children are helped with the family facilities, they all are privileged. Kale (Ardhito Pramono), a guy Awan loves, said that she could climb higher level to see broader horizon after she confided that his father's not so good. Aurora's studio can totally prop her artwork, and it's placed behind the house. Angkasa has a car to mobile. All the facilities were enough, and Narendra thought that it can make the children happy.

The ideal family and the stability, indeed, hold wounds. Angkasa felt too much burden and stuck. Awan felt too pampered. Aurora felt unnoticed. All of those rooted in the fact that Awan's twin brother was dead after born. Narendra won't bring the fact up, and the Angkasa cost the burden knowing the fact.

There's no wrong after everyone speaks up and acts. There's no ideal after Narendra realizing somethings. Family is a process to determine what is best to do, and the way to deal with it is by communication in non-threatening air; it's what the mother Ajeng (Susan Bachtiar) did, talk to the children. We can't judge which is more correct, live in a smaller house by Angkasa, spend pension money on tuition fees and went to the UK by Aurora, continue the life and career after being let down by hope, or live in Narendra's illusion of happy ideal family before.

The Film's Good Business

First, the film was an adaptation from a popular book with the same title. Published by KPG, the book always put on the front desk of Gramedia book store with a label that continuously follows visitors to buy. Before printed, it was an online account collecting wonderful quotes, gaining lots of followers. The book was nowadays good business, and the film make it more.

Second, Angga Sasongko and Jenny Jusuf work in directing and exploring the stories must be appreciated. NKCTHI was a tasty film to enjoy in 2 hours duration. Visinema Pictures often produce this kind of film. Working with youth, the films always relatable to the youngster, internet natives, and Jakartans life. Rehat by Kunto Aji, Secukupnya by Hindia, and Lagu Pejalan by Sisir Tanah as the soundtrack, besides the song is relevant to the story, was a suitable choice to gain the target audience, young internet natives. Those are not songs listened by a boomer. This created a good business bubble.

Casts in the film also rolling with the job that so contemporary: architect, artist, event organizer. There's no what youngster's thought as yesterdays job. Social symbols to be presented in the show also relatable to contemporary modern beliefs. Awan works with her most passionate person as the boss, Aurora built an art studio and working with Dali's reference making contemporary art. Musician/Band in Angkasa's show also shows a certain cultural circle. All thought well, also the presence of one band manager who looked cool without Honda Beat.

This was a successful film even though we don't need to worry too much about how it will affect us, and our family.


Title: Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini
Director: Angga Dwimas Sasongko
Genre: Drama
Production: Visinema Pictures
Year: 2020 
January 12, 2020


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