Stomp by Dubyouth: Exploring World Sounds

Dubyouth Soundsystem is well-known for their Jamaican electronic kinds of music from Metzdub with fluent deejay from Heruwa. Dubyouth, its debut album explained well how they sound. However, they didn't stop there. After they'd released their single Roots about a year ago, at the end of the decade they released Stomp.

Differ to Roots hat much exploring visual pleasure in the music video, Stomp gives more exploration in the music. This recent single from Dubyouth put Indian/Middle East savour by providing fife instrument in the beginning to mid of the time. Besides the Indian instrument, the single brings us to the musical experience of Mexico through trumpet sound from Rio Sidik.

Even we could hear the significant brass instrument in their previous music, i.e. Love 2 C U Dance, the sound from Stomp is dedicated to being fully different. The single indeed dominated by reggaeton beat and rhyme, but the Indian fills give it more colour added with the crooked vocal from Melati. The Indian fife continuously fills the melody, but after the drop in the middle of the song, they move to Mexico, and those are what make the song is rich with the exploration. In addition, even the lyric still revolves around Jamaican dance pick, Stomp gives more legitimation to Indian and Mexican favour by putting some line of Indian and Spanish language.

As it should be, this single is the right ingredients to invite the crowd to stomp on the dance floor.


Title: Stomp
Artist: Dubyouth Soundsystem
Genre: Reggaeton
Production: Doggy House Records
Year: 2019


January 05, 2020