The Reformist's Ambition

In this TV series, we can see the main character with an ambitious character who is not portrayed as an evil, in fact, becomes an admiring sweet figure.

These are the foggy days when Covid-19 began to cause hue and cry in my city, and I spent days at home. I started to watch Itaewon Class after Evita Nuh recommended the series by her Stories. One thing that makes me happy watching films is cultural references that I like, including the setting and character. That moved me at the time is the female character with short hair and as a famous blogger and social media influencer, acted by Kim Da-mi. She looks cute in an attractive outfit. 

As soon as I finished the Crash Landing on You marathon, I watched a marathon episode 1 through episode 10 and gradually wait until the next releases. The first figure I noticed was Park Seo-joon who played the main character, I had watched him in What's Wrong with Secretary Kim, while I haven't seen Kim Da-mi until a few episodes. After Kim Da-mi enters the plot, the story has just begun.

In the beginning, Itaewon Class tells the story of Park Sae-ro-yi (Park Seo-joon) that gets expelled from school for punching a bully and his father is killed in an accident. His life has been turned upside down after he jailed. Following his father's steps, he opens his bar-restaurant DanBam (Sweet Night) in Itaewon.

Oh Soo-ah (Kwon Nara) was an important figure at first. Sae-ro-yi and Soo-ah meet at the orphanage, where Saeroyi's father works to take care of the orphanage. They got closer, and made Sae-ro-yi have big ambitions, especially after the grudges within him, peaked at the family of Jang Dae-hee (Yoo Jae-myung), a tycoon who had made him expelled from school, lost his father, and imprisoned.

At first, Sae-ro-yi seemed to want to make Soo-ah happy later when he got rich. When he starts talking about his nonsense dreams, Soo-ah has been burdened with "debt" to Mr Jang. Seven years after Sae-ro-yi worked and saved enough money, he proved his nonsense by building a small pub in Itaewon. There, Soo-ah sees Sae-ro-yi again when she starts working at the branch pub of Jangga Co., Mr Jang's company. While Sae-ro-yi continues to work on developing his business and ambitions to bring down the damn Jangga, Soo-ah is still in a dilemma between her work and Sae-ro-yi's promises when he says "someday after rich."

Jo Yi-seo (Kim Da-mi) appears as the pub manager, bring the pub into success. At the same time, he also has ambitions to be able to have Sae-ro-yi's heart.

The Reformist's Ambition

Sae-ro-yi's way of taking revenge is certainly a reformist. He did not necessarily kill the enemy, even he approached as close as possible to his enemy. Even the most obvious is, he follows in the steps of his enemy by reading his biography, using the same methods in achieving his ambitions. But one thing that distinguishes is, a description that has been exposed from the beginning, the attitude of holding the words. Sae-ro-yi is also a person who values people around him. He believes that by building connections and trust in people, he will get the success he dreams of. With that, he can become free.

He collaborated with people who were also victims. Apart from that, he also conspires with people who have similar interests. The main goal to be free, of course, he lived by not hating the ways that have condemned him so far. He even bought shares in a company that he hated with some calculations from his co-ops.

In this TV series, we can see the main character with an ambitious character who is not portrayed as an evil, in fact, becomes an admiring sweet figure. The main figure in this series is a perfect ambitious. He clearly looks stubborn and sometimes impulsive, but he is a person who respects his coworkers. All the steps seem to make sense in the end when we see how it will impact. Of course this kind of picture will make Korean drama viewers happy, and indeed like that.

Not to forget that the love story in this series is something worth enjoying. Ambition in the framework of romance is reflected in Sae-ro-yi's desire to tear down Jangga, become rich, and return to Soo-ah. Whereas Soo-ah still hopes in Sae-ro-yi, wants happiness for him, and is hesitant in her work. On the other hand, Yi-seo has the ambition to win the heart of his boss, by continuing to help him build the business up. Finally, returning to the beginning, I felt that Sae-ro-yi deserves love from someone who had wanted to accompany him to strive for success. Moreover, Yi-seo also looks cute and attractive throughout the episode. Yi-seo! 😋

March 29, 2020